Cost Effective

Our Solar lighting solutions are not only eco-friendly but they are cost effective. The latest solar lighting products can often save you money on the cost of a newbuild project. Take for example on of our clients up near Nottingham. They had a set of Tennis courts which needed lighting for 2-3 hours per night during the winter months, our total solution came in at less money than the cost of the groundworks and cabling alone to reach the courts, plus of course you have the unquantifiable cost of the disturbance to the courts, the local area, wildlife that is required for such machinery. Where-as our lighting solution was a smart app controlled system to turn court one or two on from your phone, while also minimising the cost of installation without the need of cables.

More often than not even retro-fitting has a payback time of around 3-5 years depending on the technology you are replacing. We have recently lit the whole of Living Lights in Poole with solar, everything from signage, goods inwards, car parking and exits. The payback time for this project was 2 years, with them saving around £3000.00 per year of energy costs.

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    Solar PV

    To combat the issue of rising energy costs, businesses are increasingly looking towards renewable energy sources for long-term sustainability. As part of this shift towards cleaner energy, Our PV systems, equipped with the latest, advanced Monocrystalline technology, can produce up to 540 Watts of energy per panel and offer the convenience of remote data readings, fault detection, and customization to fit your specific space and needs.